Emma Bosworth

Emma cut her teeth from an early age playing in garage bands and howling with the rock’n’roll best of them. November 2014 marked a turning point towards a new sound with the release of her first solo album “Coming Up For Air”.

A long-brewed album of contrasts: a call-to-fun with the first drop of soul-inspired Penny, a call over the Brisbane backyard fence with My Town, and a yelping party-down on the skint side of lovin’ with Save Me, never apologising to express her comforts taken in picket fence platitudes reminiscent of The Lucksmiths, or even Brisbane’s own The Go- Betweens. A stand-up first solo album from Emma, aka Emma Carton, ere of Brisbane indie exponents J-Pan Fan, and earlier, The Flying Chimnees.

“A strong voice of her own… (defying) easy categorisation.”  Courier Mail, March 2015

“A cracker of a debut album from Brisbane local with superbly crafted songs sung with heart and soul, it’s not hard to see why she is one of the great hidden treasures in the music scene today…probably not for long” 98.9FM, May 2015

Emma can be heard on “Rain on the Mountain”, a song taken from Paddy McHugh’s album “Trials and Cape Tribulations”, out through Arrest Records, and her songs have appeared on television series Slide and 2014 feature film, Predestination. She was a finalist in the Blues and Roots Category of the 2015 Queensland Music Awards and “Coming Up For Air” spun as album of the week on ABC 612 in November 2014.